Q: How many people can the Garden Ballroom Pavilion hold?

A: 500 with chairs for up to 150 guest included in the rental. Take a look at the images of our Garden Ballroom Pavilion. >>

Q: What's the difference between an event manager vs hiring an event coordinator?

A: An event manger is assigned to every event. They will coordinate the set-up of all tables, linens, chairs, and any other rentals that are contracted through The Winfield Inn. The event manager will remain onsite through dinner service to ensure seamless service for you and your guests. An event coordinator can be hired as an additional service. They participate in the early stages of planning, all the way until the last guest leaves. Click here for more details on our event coordination package. >>

Q: What the bridal suite like?

A: The Bridal Suite is spacious, cozy, and relaxing. The Bridal Suite, Ready Room, and sunlit veranda offer ample space for you and all of your girls to enjoy a day of pampering! Enjoy the ease of having your hair and makeup done in one place, peaking out to spy on your guests, and adjusting any final touches just before meeting your handsome groom at the altar. Take a look at the images of our bridal suite. >>

Q: Does the groom have a place to get ready?

A: The Groom and Groomsmen also have a space while getting ready! With their own separate staircase, they also have two private rooms to enjoy some good “man time” before walking down the aisle. Take a look at the images of our Grooms Suite. >>

Q: What is the price to rent the venue?

A: We do single day and weekend rentals. All pricing is customized based on headcount, menu selections and your overall vision for the special day. For a base cost on the venue rental, view our rental rates or call us for more information on how we can create your custom event estimate: (512) 268-1420

Q: What does the rental of the venue include?

  • Exclusive use of the Garden Ballroom and Grounds
  • Access to the private luxury Bridal Suite, Sun room and a wrap around Veranda
  • Access to the Grooms Suite with a private staircase
  • Event manager onsite to ensure seamless service the day of your event
  • Access to the property prior to the event for bridal or engagement photos 

    (by appointment)

  • Complimentary group tastings held quarterly
  • Custom clear drop sides and two heaters OR two cooling fans
  • 300 White Resin Garden Chairs
  • (24) 60" Round Tables
  • (22) 8" Banquet Tables
  • (5) Tall Cocktail Tables
  • (1) 36" Round Table
  • (4) 48" Round Tables
  • Includes a 10 hour rental block from 1pm - 11pm

Q: Is there a deposit required to reserve the venue?

A: Yes. 25% of your custom estimate is required to reserve the Inn along with a signed contract.

Q: Is there extra cost associated with parking?

A: Guest parking is free. Shuttle service is available upon request for an additional fee.

Q: Can we bring in our own alcohol?

A: We allow you to bring in your own alcohol; however, our bartenders are required to serve it. We do not charge a corking fee. Essentially, you pay for the alcohol at regular cost, bring it in and we take over from there.

If you are interested, we also have a resource that will deliver the alcohol, ice, mixers, etc. and then pick-up the empty shells on Monday, so you don't have to worry with the hassle of delivery and returning.

Q: Do you allow offsite catering by another catering company?

A: For the main dinner and cocktail hour, you must use our catering services. Offsite catering is allowed after dinner as late night snacks. Word of Mouth Catering is our exclusive caterer. They have been serving events in the Austin area for 30+ years. Menus are created based on your requests and from the many items we have to offer We would love to hear any ideas you might “bring to the table”. You will find we are very unique relative to other venues in terms of the food. Not only are the prices extremely competitive, but the specially selected, flavored food is amazing. During every event the food is a focal point and a huge success! The chef can accommodate every idea that you have and we are very open to suggestions. We aim to please! Take a look at our menu examples here. >>